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Systems Specifications

A System Specification or system requirement is a structured list of information that embodies the requirements of a system. It aims to capture the system's behavior which is often expressed as services, tasks, or functions the system is required to perform.

In product development, it is important to understand the difference between the baseline functionality necessary for any system to compete in that product domain, and features that make the system different from their competitor's products. Features may be functionality, or differ from the basic functionality like some quality property.

Systems Architecture

A System Architecture is a particular arrangement of various hardware and software components that makes up a unique system. Because all systems are designed to achieve some human purpose whether connecting, communicating, or transferring of information, for example, architecture is necessary to achieve this purpose.

Before we craft any system requested by a client, we make sure to build architecture and define the right description accordingly, especially for big, complex, or life-critical the systems. An architecture description is the most important artefact for achieving design understanding in a development team. It is also a thinking document performing high-level analysis and providing a vehicle for validating the architectural design and identifying any design deficiencies.

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