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Custom Reporting Systems

A Reporting System is an online tool designed to gather data and generate reports for a particular project. It lets you craft your reports the exact way you want. It provides complete elements for your report including charts, graphs, and tables.

Take your reporting to the next level! Our flexible web-based reporting solution is platform agnostic so you can integrate it with existing solutions seamlessly and then access your reports wherever you go.

Intuitive User Interface

Easy to use, easy to understand even for non-techie staff

Extensive Reporting

Get all the details that will help you analyze the reports

  • Flexible reporting options
  • Choose from numerous standard report formats or create your own custom report format
  • Free-form and intuitive document generation that outputs dozens of pages per second
  • Gain fundamental insights from complex data
  • Output for a variety of needs: HTML, PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, and more
  • Designed for rapidly changing business environments

Robust Searching, Sorting and Filtering

Get only want you want and remove unnecessary data

Manual or Automatic Publishing

Generate reports on a regular basis or just when you need them

  • Uses powerful engines that deliver data at the highest speed
  • Access to all your data in SQL, XML, Excel spread sheet and other data sources
  • Meet multiple demands with its versatile solutions
  • Eliminate the need to remember to run usage reports
  • Auto reports are automatically sent to a specified e-mail inbox
  • Select which data to extract for manual reports

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