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Email Campaign Manager

An Email Campaign Manager (ECM) is an online solution designed to promote your website, business, or company to a specific subscriber base using an electronic direct mailer (eDM) or, as others call it, an online newsletter. Going far beyond clicks and opens, it provides you insight about your visitors and their bahavior, and facilitates progressive profiling and targeted content.

Online Engagement
Today's customers demand interaction and communication, ignoring generic, one-size fits-all messages.

  • Through newsletter, you can creatively communicate and invitate your customers to visit yuor website and check out your latest updates.
  • And with your customers' behavior, you learn what relevant content to provide and and how to effectively engage with them

Conversion Optimization
Optimize your email campaigns to get the most out of them. More than marketing and brand awareness, increase your conversions, sales, or even ROI.

  • Implement A/B testing on email campaigns and get relevant statistics about what works best -- from subject lines, offers, visuals and rich media.
  • Even more, you can easily optimize your website landing pages for your email visitors with the identical testing system.

Progressive Profiling
With our ECM, your increased knowledge allows progressive profiling of your visitors, targeting offers for best results.

  • Our system uses auto-generated tracking links to go deeper and understand your customers' activity anywhere on your website.
  • If a particular product is specifically offered to a certain group of customers, you may want to add custom filters.

Make It Personal!
"Dear customers" is a thing of the past. Make your emails more personalized by adding complete names of yoru customers.

  • Our intelligent ECM captures past and future visitor interaction with your email campaigns,
  • so you learn more about their needs and actions.
  • You get to integrate your customer database to our ECM system and keep important information about your customers.

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