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Organize your finances with an accounting system made easy

Manage your business even when you're on the go with DragonNumbers–your complete, comprehensive, and computerized accounting system that will help you organize your payables, receivables, invoices, sales report, and much more!

Receivables Tracking

Manage your account receivables in just one click! Complete with transaction auditing, excel integration, customer statements, and sales journals, you can easily track all money owed by customers.

Payables Tracking

Make it easy to monitor your payables with DragonNumbers' automated payables tracking feature. Generate cash requirements report, cash disbursements report, and completed transactions report that you can easily integrate in Excel for reference and storage.

Reports (BIR)

Designed as BIR-compliant accounting system, DragonNumbers is made to help small, medium, and large Philippine companies comply with the BIR accounting processes and reports. So, if you're clueless about financial statements, general journal book, and tax accounting, you've come to the right place!

Automated Invoicing

Cover all your billing requirements with DragonNumbers' automated invoicing system – easy to learn, easy to work around with, and smarter than other invoice and billing applications. It keeps you informed about your business and helps you run your entire company.

Payments Tracking

Make sure your business financials are running smoothly and healthily by tracking your payments accurately and on time. Enjoy error-free accounting system with a payment tracking feature that gives you an eagle eye on cash inflows, both due and made.

Disbursement Tracking

Experience quick, easy to use, and cost-efficient disbursement tracking and processing with DragonNumbers. Designed with principal specific work-instructions, the system is simply tailored to fit your business sector.

Reimbursement and Liquidation Tracking

DrangonNumebrs provides a transparent view of your disbursements versus reimbursements. With a comprehensive liquidation form, you can always account what your budget is versus what you actually pay for.

Petty Cash Tracking

Shelling out small cash every now and then for quick company expenses? DragonNumbers can also track up to the last centavo of your petty cash. So, don't just rely on your notepad. Trust a computerized, well-designed accounting system.

Business Intelligence Reports

Speed and flexibility are Crucial in business intelligence reports. That's why we're here to help you out. Out extensive reporting is designed to successfully keep track of and use your data in improving your business' competitiveness.

Financial Reports

Be a master of financial reports with DragonNumbers. No need to waste time filling out cells with values and formulas on Excel! Using a complete and comprehensive form, you can simply input the data and the system will generate reports for you.


Feel like you're losing too much money? Keep track of your budget versus actual expenses so you won't worry where your money is going. Compare budget month on month or year on year and see how your company progresses in time in terms of financial earnings.

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