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Customer Loyalty Points Tracking System

A Customer Loyalty Points Tracking System is an online tool designed to allow you to create your own points-based incentives, promotions, and loyalty system and track them accordingly. It aims to reward your visitors, customers, and members for purchases, promoting your site, loyalty, engaging in feedback, taking surveys, joining promos, and other related activities.

Create your own viral grass roots marketing system and start offering rewards to your most loyal members in exchange of promoting your business.

Advanced Points Tracking
Monitor your customers' points accurately with a real-time system tracking. The tool automatically deducts points as soon as they are used for a particular purchase.

Automatic Points Management
Users can be auto-awarded points for participation to a particular activity. You can pre-set conditions in which a customer gets a particular number or points if he makes a specific purchase.

Advanced Points Reporting
Our system's reporting feature allows you to view reports on points associated activities tracked by activity type and by individual user.

Referral System
Easily motivate users to tell their friends about your website or promotion. Users who refer friends can be rewarded with points.

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